Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cleaning your refrigerator's condenser coils

Cleaning your Refrigerator's condenser coils

This should be done at least twice a year. This is often forgotten about but is the leading cause for your refrigerator / freezer to perform poorly. Given time it will cause damage to your compressor. Here at Appliance Repair Carrollton TX. We find the major cause of compressor replacement is because of not cleaning your condenser.
Locate the refrigerator / freezer condenser by removing the front kick plate. A few models actually screw this in place but normally they are held in place with tabs. Pull the cover off, sometimes you have to be a little forceful. And look to see if the coils are there. 9 out of 10 times that is were it will be located. If they are not there you must pull the refrigerator out from the wall to gain access to the back. Take Care. You might want to place some thing down in front of your refrigerator so you won't scratch your floor. Also be aware of the water line going to your refrigerator (If you have a ice maker). The old copper water lines become brittle and crack over time, make sure this is checked for leaks before you push the refrigerator back into place. At the bottom of the refrigerator you will see a cover (usually cardboard but they may use plastic or metal) remove this to gain access to the condenser.

Showed here are the most common types of condenser's you will see on today's refrigerators. They may look different depending on the make and model but you will see the coils. Use your vacuum to clean as much of the dust as you can. The picture shown on the left is very deep and a brush must be used to get to the rear of the coils. If you dodn't have a "Coil Cleaning Brush" just use a rag attach to a thin rod to do the deep cleaning.
That is all there is to it. Give your refrigerator 24hrs to adjust the cooling, then check your temperature.
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