Sunday, July 29, 2012

Unclogging Your Refrigerator Drain

Unclogging your refrigerators drain.

Are you having water dripping from your refrigerator onto your floor? 

This is a very common problem for refrigerators. First make sure water is not leaking from your Ice Maker. 
If not you have a clogged defrost drain line.
What happens (see above) your Condensation Collection tray under your evaperator coils fills with ice and covers the Drain Hole. When this happens the water from the defrost cycle has no were to go but into your refrigerator and onto the floor. This is why you have water pooling a few times a day and not a steady flow.

How to repair this:

The ways described here works for all makes and models of residential refrigerator. If you have a Top or Bottom mount freezer, Side by Side, or French door style. They all work the same way only the position of the drain hole will be different. It is always behind  the back wall of the freezer.

If you have the time to properly defrost your refrigerator this is the best and easiest way. Simply unplug your refrigerator, open the doors, and give it a proper 12 hour defrost. you might want to place a towel in front just in case your drip pan over fills, but this is uncommon.

If the above way will not work for you then you can manually defrost and unclog your drain line.
On the inside of your freezer locate the screws in the back of your freezer holding the back panel in place. Remove these screws then remove your back panel exposing the evaporator coils. No matter what type of refrigerator you have is should look similar to the above picture.
 I like to boil a cup of water in the microwave untill it boils. Pour the hot water in the Condensation collection tray. Use a towel to soak up the water after it has cooled. Repeat this process untill there is no ice.
NOTE: Do not pour the hot water over the evaporator coils directly. Just in the collection tray.
If you have a small air line you can blow into the drain hole to be sure in is completely defrosted. Pour a cap full or two of bleach into the drain hole to help prevent the growth of mold in your drain pan. Reassemble plug your refrigerator back in and you should be set to go.If you still need some help and your in the Dallas or Plano Texas area. Give us a call at   (214) 926-0337

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